Communications Toolkit

Want to include the U-M Model of Well-being in your organization, event, or school project?


To link to the well-being website:


To add an activity/event to the Campus Events page:

Create your activity/event in the the Happening@Michigan events calendar, indicate audience if relevant (students, staff, faculty) and select Type = Well-being


To get color Model of Well-being posters:

Request posters using the form on the Contact page


To use images of the Model of Well-being:

Image files are below, and here is how to use them.



  • Display the graphic with the "Well-being" text
  • Display U-M branding alongside the graphic
  • Make the graphic large enough that all text is legible
  • Make sure there is enough contrast between the graphic and the background it is placed on so that all colors can be seen clearly



  • Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, or alter the proportions
  • Surround the graphic with—or place in the foreground over—a pattern or design
  • Rotate or render three-dimensionally
  • Add words, images, or any other new elements
  • Replace the approved typeface with any other typeface
  • Enclose it in a shape or combine it with other design elements or effects
  • Modify the relative size of any element within the graphic
  • Add additional text to the graphic



    Want to do something different? Please consult with us via the form on the Contact page.



    Logo Files

    Column 1
    PW LOGO no text


    Column 2

    Print Ready Logo Files


    Web/Digital Ready Logo Files (transparent background)

    Model Files

    Column 1
    pw model with text


    Column 2

    Print Ready Model Files


    Web/Digital Ready Model Files (transparent background)