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Well-being for U–M Students
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Take a Break

Looking for virtual ways to take a break or connect with friends during COVID-19? Check out our Virtual Recreation page for resources and virtual activities.


During stressful times, it's especially important to take good care of yourself and your community. These fun and relaxing videos are perfect for a quick break. And there are lots of other great ways to take a break, including going for a walk, eating good food, and meditating -- try our mindfulness and meditation videos!

Nature and Music
The World’s Most Relaxing Film - 7 mins
5 Minutes of Rain Sounds
Nature Clips - 1 min
Mindfulness and Meditation
Meditation to Stay Focused - 3 mins
Guided meditation on gratitude with Deepak Chopra:
Mindfulness Gratitude Practice Exercise - 5 mins
Study Break Stretches
Yoga For Focus & Productivity - 10 min
Chair Yoga: 5 mins
Yoga at your Desk - 6 min
Learn Something New
What would happen if you didn't sleep - 4 mins
Will there ever be a mile-high skyscraper? - 5 mins
How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme - 5 mins
Cooking Demos
High-Protein Vegan Dinners - 4 mins
Chicken Teriyaki Salad - 3 mins
Sesame Chicken Ramen - 1 min
Cute Animals
Baby Giraffes - 4 mins
Maya Reviews Foods - 10 mins
Dog Chef - 3 mins