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Well-being for U–M Students
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Beyond The Diag is U-M's Off-Campus Housing Program within the Dean of Students Office. Beyond The Diag was developed to improve off-campus safety resources, communication, and education for UM students living off-campus.


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What is Well-being?
Model of well-being will each dimension: physical, emotional mental, spiritual, environmental, financial, social, intellectual, occupational
What is Well-being

Well-being is the journey we take, one step and one choice at a time, to care for ourselves. It’s how we appraise and feel about our lives, including success in school and all other aspects. It’s personal, family and friends, community, and beyond.

Learn about well-being and its eight dimensions

Take a Break

Five and half minute mindfulness session focused on gratitude.

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Resources for Student Well-being
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We have compiled a list of the most often used resources for U-M students. The resources cover different dimensions of well-being, specific resources based on identities, and student engagement.